Sunset Beach

Don't Miss This "World's Best" Beach

The southern-most Brunswick Islands beach, Sunset Beach, was recently included on National Geographic's list of 21 Best Beaches In The World, and rightfully so. If it's sweeping views of seemingly endless sand and peaceful serenity you're longing for, put this beach at the top of your list. A walk to Bird Island is always a family favorite, as is a visit to the Kindred Spirit Mailbox where visitors are invited to share their thoughts and stories in the pages of the notebooks within.

Uninterrupted by boardwalks or high-rises, the wide stretch of beach separating the surf and the marsh is perfect for biking or collecting shells, all while reconnecting with the natural world and one another.

Start and End a Beautiful Day Here

When Sunset is part of your name, there is a certain level of expectation set for the type of experience visitors can expect during their stay. At Sunset Beach, it's more than just the day's end that paints a breathtaking picture in the sky. Getting up early to greet the day at sunrise is a well-honored tradition here too. In fact, like on our other south-facing beaches, from late fall through early spring, due to the island's unique positioning, you can watch the sun both rise and set over the water. So, pick your spot on the beach early, and you won't even have to move!

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