Caswell Beach

Step Right Up

If a breathtaking view of the serene beach and lush marsh is what you're looking for in a beach vacation, you'll find it here. Caswell Beach is home to Oak Island Lighthouse, the 153-foot sentinel that's been guarding the coast since 1958. If you're up for the climb, the view from the observation deck will give you just the right perspective to see how perfect this section of the island is for a family beach vacation designed to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Plan Your Escape to Caswell Beach

Caswell Beach is the least populated of all our beaches in the Brunswick Islands, which helps explain its enduring popularity. Traditional vacation homes await you behind the oat-fringed dunes, and the sound of surf, always within earshot, provides instant relief from the stress of the outside world.

Do some surf-casting and reel in a fresh catch for dinner, or simply relax on the beach and stroll at low tide to search out fine shell specimens. Rent a kayak to navigate the marsh creeks and tidal pools that wind through the community. Enjoy Caswell Beach for the escape that it is, but know that it's only a short distance from all the shops and restaurants of Oak Island. So, if your perfect vacation is a quiet, secluded beach that's only a minute or two from all the conveniences, Caswell Beach is calling your name.

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