Nature Adventures

Coastal Treasures that are Naturally Wonderful

Varied ecosystems allow nature and wildlife to flourish in NC's Brunswick Islands. More than the breathtaking beauty of the unspoiled shores and thriving marshes, our barrier islands offer many opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to connect to the natural world.

A Haven For Wildlife

Salt marshes, creeks and estuaries form a vast ecosystem where salt water meeting fresh water results in scenic views and abundant wildlife. In the waterways, there's a wide variety of marine life, and throughout the county, you'll see rare birds, carnivorous plants and vegetation unlike anything you'd expect to find in North Carolina.

This natural haven provides bird watching opportunities for hundreds of species of birds. It's also a place to learn about the preservation, protection and education of loggerhead sea turtles. Come to a turtle watch program and you might be lucky enough to see one of these spectacular creatures lay her eggs.

Discover the Swamp Land

Explore untouched swamp land at the The Swamp Park, where visitors can experience this unique and beautiful natural environment up close and personal. Take a guided eco-tour by boat through the cypress swamp that showcases the plant, reptilian, amphibian and bird life of the park. You can also take an educational stroll on a nature trail and check out a reptile sanctuary that houses alligators and large turtles.

 Nature Preserves